About Us

Company Mission Statement:

Luihn Companies is a family of restaurants from fast food to full service committed to bringing our customers quality food at a fair price, in a wholesome environment with a SMILE.

Company History:

Luihn Companies, Inc. (LFS) has been growing ever since Allan and Donna founded it in 1966. What started as an opportunity to supplement his teaching income and support their family of four children has blossomed into a prosperous and growing business still rooted in those original family values.

The first KFC franchise they purchased in the mountains of North Carolina has evolved into a multi-branded business with over 100 locations throughout the Southeast. Focused always on the future, in 1993 LFS pioneered the Two-in-One concept between KFC and Taco Bell and has been involved in testing various other co-branding opportunities. Today, co-branding is one of the company’s biggest strengths and, with its concentration of stores in high growth markets, there are aggressive plans for future expansion.

Another strength of Luihn Companies, Inc. has always been its leadership. The company and its officers have been the recipients of numerous awards for their innovation, sales and contribution to the brands with which they come in contact. Officers of the company continue to be leaders, taking part in franchise advisory councils, helping to shape the future of the various LFS brands and act as a strong voice for franchisees everywhere.

This strong voice is backed by a wealth of talent. From the beginning staff of one store to over 3000 employees today, each employee continues to make a difference. LFS enjoys providing talented employees with a forum that allows advancement and in which they can express their ideas and creativity. This combination of talent, ambition, focus and innovation continues to propel Luihn Companies forward to a success-filled future.

Through the growth that success brings and the change that accompanies it, Luihn Companies has remained true to its beginnings. To this day, the business that was built on family has not lost its roots.